Tuesday, July 29, 2014

glamp camp!

i can hardly believe this party was almost a year ago and i am just now getting around to posting it! my friend sarah and i were in love with the whole glamping idea and knew we had to throw a party! we had so much fun bouncing ideas off each other, shopping together, crafting, sending each other pics…planning and setting up is such a fun part of the whole party experience. sure, enjoying it and visiting with friends is fun, but, watching your party that you plan for a couple of months come to life..well..there's just nothing like it.;) i love planning with sarah because we really just become one mind and everything just comes together as we vision. i'm always thankful to have such a fun, creative friend to partner up with.:)
our photo op set up;)
we set up a table for hot food..and it was filled to the brim that night! so yummy!

drink station

 flowers in vintage thermoses all around...

s'mores station;) it was fun sitting around with the girls and roasting marshmallows!

 on the invitation we included a section that asked the girls to bring an appetizer or treat to share and that we would be voting on it that night. i think that little incentive alone helped encourage the girls to bring their favorites and put effort into their choice. in return, we ended up with a night of sampling some of the most delightful dishes.
there was a prize awarded to the favorite hot dish and for the favorite treat.

 our vision was to try and put together an eclectic, eye candyish type set up that still felt cozy and camp like.

 this treat table was dangerous that night as it was spilling over with all sorts of homemade goodness.
 i made these two treats..

 and these were sarah's.

naturally we had to find the cutest matching shirts and sarah got us the cutest matching trailer necklaces to go along with them.
 sarah snapping the last of the pics before the guests arrived.;)
it was such a fun night with our girlfriends.  we talked and ate into the wee hours of the night. looking back on all of these pics makes me want to start planning another fall party!:)
happy glamping!!:)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ella's Lalaloopsy Mermaid Birthday!

Finally getting around to posting Ella's 7th birthday party! At first she wanted a Lalaloopsy party...then she kinda wanted an ocean theme..and then she was really liking mermaids..and then there were new Lalaloopsy mermaids that just came out...so, this was definitely an evolving party..let's just throw everything in there.;) But, I loved how everything was combined to have all of her favorites at the time.:) And it was definitely a fun one to create and plan with Ella. I try to include her in as much as possible so she feels involved too!
Here's a look around:
feel like you're going underwater?;)

 all of my kiddos created these jellyfish...

 i painted branches and glittered them up..then hung starfish and the letters...

 naturally we had to include real fish;) i think this was one the things she was most excited about!

 Ella painted the drink sign and I wrote the letters;)
 the treat table

 we painted terra cotta pots to create a stand for the fish bowl. the fish was hiding;)

 made a few starfish wands;) and another stand

 i actually painted and stenciled the banner out of a thin cardboard precut.

 again, the kids had fun making the sea life:)

 we rented a big 'ol waterslide...
 and tried to create a beach/picnic area to go along with it.
 one of her cakes (thank you maria)

 jello fish bowl;)

 my mom had this cake made and surprised Ella with it...she was so excited for it!

 we had tacos catered and they were soooo good!
 this smile is what makes it all worth it.
 it actually started raining mid party..in july!! it was the craziest summer storm. but, it made it fun! we still managed to do the piñata too!


 ella put together all of the s'mores together for everyone to take home.
 and of course she made the thank you sign too!
i just love this little mermaid so much and feel so blessed that i've got to spend 7 years with her!
happy birthday, Ella! xo